Fuyuka Products Overview

We offer diversified battery cells in our proposed solutions so to best accommodate customer choice. We would first get clear as to customer application conditions and detailed requirement of each battery, such as battery performance behavior, ambient temperatures, charging and discharging, cycle life, safety, certifications, and other special conditions ( sealed type, water proof, etc) before we recommend a possible cell model.

Meanwhile we are closely following up the latest developments day by day of battery technologies in industry sectors, comparing against our existing and traditional technology and processes so that we are able to keep up with the right trend ahead.

Our goal is to introduce the state-of-art as well as reliability-proven technology products to our customers so that they could share the best cost-effectiveness with us. Eventually, we will anticipate realizing a long and sustainable strategic partnership with customers on the competition market worldwide in future.

Product Highlights

Choicest Battery Cells

  • Li-ion Battery Cells

    Cylinder / Prismatic

    18650/26500/21700/ Prismatic(Cobalt / NiMnCO2 / Ferro Phosphate / Manganese)

  • Tier 1 Cells

    OEM Made in China Origin

    Panasonic / Sanyo / Samsung / LG / Sony / A123 Systems

  • Polymer Li-Ion Pouch Cell

    High Power, High/Low Temperature

  • Ni-MH / Ni-Fe

    Nickel based technologies

Product Safety and Certifications

Fuyuka Battery Applications